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          Our Business

          The industry sector of CNBM mainly consists of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. and China National Building Materials Glass Co. By launching strategic resources integration and restructuring work, reforming the traditional industry with new techs and investing in advanced production forces, we set up a number of power sector platforms of cement, glass, light weight building material, glass fiber, composite material and refractory materials,


          Scale: approximate 20 production lines of modern float glass with annual production of over 40 million weight cases of high-quality float glass with various colors and specifications, and of 16 million pieces of ITO conductive film glass. Annual overall processing capability of 10 million square meters for products including vehicle-use glass, building glass, decoration glass and alike.

          Key enterprises:China Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd.,  Anhui Huaguang Glass Group Co., Ltd., Henan Zhonglian Glass Co., Ltd.
          Industrial Advantage: the only glass enterprise in China that is equipped with production capacity of ultra thin and ultra thick glass with range from 0.55mm to 25mm, the largest ITO conductive film glass base in China and the largest and comprehensive glass deep processing base in middle-west region, which is the birthplace of Luoyang Float, one of the three major float technologies. Possession of the state-level research and development center and key laboratory, first establishment of the Second Improvement-type Float Glass Production Line with the 600-ton level in China, and the first ultra thin electronic glass production line.
          Possession of all three major glass research and design institutes among China building material industry, including Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry, Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research & Design Institute and CNBM Hangzhou Design & Research Institute, designing and establishing over fifty advanced float glass production lines at home and abroad.


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