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          Science and Technology sector of China Building Material Group, which uses China Building Materials Academy as main body, possesses the state-level enterprise technology center and 13 domestic first-class scientific research and design institutes and high-tech companies in fields of building materials and light industry and machinery, initiates the scientific research, technological development, achievement promotion, standard establishment as well as inspection and authentication, undertakes the technological innovation, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of China building material and light industries, making outstanding contributions for development of national economy, national defense construction as well as high technology.



          China Building Materials Academy is the comprehensive scientific research and development institute  which is largest in scale and most powerful in strength regarding to professional fields of China building materials and inorganic non-metal materials, gathering a scientific and technological team with over 5 thousand talents consisting of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academic leaders of Millions of Talents Project in the New Century and various high-level scientific and technical staff. It has the master and doctor degree programs for material science and inorganic non-metal material which are firstly approved by Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, and establishes the center for post-doctor study. For decades, it initiates thousands of research tasks including the national basic research project, national key projects and national 863 high technology project, researches and develops a large number of scientific and technological achievements and undertakes a great deal of domestic and foreign large-scale engineering design and general project contracting businesses, being the leading force of improving industrial technical innovation, energy-saving and emission reduction, promoting industrial structure adjustment and optimization and upgrading.
          China Building Materials Academy is the building product quality inspection and testing authentication institution with a wide range of fields, the responsible unit of standardization technical committee and the host unit of state-level building material scientific and technological periodicals. It has 4 state-level and industry-level key laboratories; 4 engineering technology research centers at the state level and provincial and ministry level; 5 United Nations centers for scientific and technological development and 1 state-level industrial productivity promoting center; 11 national standardization technical committee, 30 national and industrial quality testing and inspection authentication institutions as well as over 20 national, local and industrial professional branch societies including China Building Materials Federation and  The Chinese Ceramic Society.

          Complete technology includes the ultra thin float glass complete technology, high-performance and low-heat portland cement (high belite cement) making technology, concrete durability key technology, satellite-use composite material structural parts making technology, high-class airplane windscreen, and functional material producing technology for antibacterial, cleaning air and producing negative ions. Complete equipment includes the equipment of float glass with daily melting quantity of 1.1 thousand tons, new dry-process cement with daily production of above 6 thousand tons, megawatt-level composite material wind turbine generator blade with annual production of 1 thousand sets, spinning glass fiber of fully oxidized burning tank furnace with annual production of 140 thousand tons, annual production of 30 million square meters plasterboard, annual production of 100 million pieces pulverized coal, ash coal and coal and ganque for new wall material, annual production of 3 million square meters ceramic title, annual production of 3 million square meters cement external wallboard as well as beer bottling production of 24 thousand bottles per hour.
          Complete technology includes the new dry-process cement production technology, float glass high-efficient and energy-saving key technology, fully oxidized burning technology by using glass belting furnace, high-performance cement green making technology, high-performance road cement and concrete pavement key technology, ceramic title green making technology, energy-saving-type composite wall and structural material making technology, functional-type environment-protecting building painting making technology, environment-protecting ornament and decoration board making key technology, green building material standard and evaluation technology. Complete equipment includes the equipment for annual production of 50 million square meters plasterboards, high-performance carbon fiber at 10 thousand tons, carbon fiber composite material wind turbine generator blades at megawatt level as well as industrial housing and environment-protecting light industry and machinery with energy and land saving type.



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