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          Our Business

          Complete equipment sector of China Building Material Group consists of key enterprises including China United Equipment Group Company, Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute and Triumph Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and constructs the equipment industrial service platform which is complete in type, advanced in technology, excellent in equipment, exquisite in technology and complete in support regarding to domestic building material industry, light industry and machinery industry as well as mine equipment and environment-protecting equipment on the basis of over 20 equipment making enterprises and by coordinating with the group science and technology sector and the logistics and trade sector.


          Complete equipment sector relies on the powerful comprehensive strength in equipment making, project design and service, undertakes businesses of project design, equipment making and project contracting among large and medium projects in building material industries including float glass, new dry-process cement, building sanitary ceramics, new wall materials, composite materials as well as glass fiber, provides special technologies including pulp and paper making, liquor making, beverage canning, plastic, mines, washed coal, electric wires and cables, household chemicals and weighing apparatus, and also provides complete equipment, project design and service as well as contracting business.
          China United Equipment Group Company enjoys high reputation in domestic light machinery industry, representing by Nanjing Light Industry Machine Group, China National Light Industry Paper Machinery Group Corporation, Wuhan Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., Hefei Smarter Technology Co., Ltd., BNBM Limited Company, Hangzhou Project & Research Institute of Electro-Mechanic in Light Industry. It has a relatively-large influence in industries including beer and beverage machinery, pulp and paper making machinery as well as plastic machinery. Electric wire and cable machinery, washed coal machinery and parking equipment have absolute competition advantage in related fields. Building material, machinery making as well as mine equipment business enjoy a good reputation in their industries. There are state-level research bases in terms of different fields including food and machinery, pulp and paper making machinery, household chemical study and design.
          Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute has numerous technological achievements in such fields as cement equipment research and development, project design, equipment completion, project contracting etc, which have been listed into the promotion plan of national major scientific and technological achievements. They designed and manufactured hundreds of cement production lines with different production scales below 6000t/d, and the new roller press cement uniting grinding production system have made positive contributions for the development of the cement industry.
          Triumph Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is committed to build the internationally-advanced Large-sized coal mine and building material equipment manufacturing base, and has advanced processing testing equipment and means. Its products include series roadheader, belt conveyor, winch, motor, explosion-proof electric apparatus, cement and glass production equipment, covering various industries including coal mine, building materials, power, chemical industry, metallurgy and municipal engineering. Many products are originated domestically and filled the technical gap, winning quality awards at state, provincial and ministry level and scientific and technological advancement awards.




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