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          Our Business

          Logistics and trade sector of China Building Material Group, which uses China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation, BNBM Public Limited Company and China National Building Material Investment Co., Ltd. as main body, initiates import and export trade and Commercial Circulation business on the basis of powerful advantage on science and technology, research and development, products manufacturing and complete equipment of the group, creating the product and service brand with international reputation and independent intellectual property right, becoming the building material comprehensive service supplier facing the whole world and being listed as the key export support enterprise and key Commercial Circulation enterprise by Ministry of Commerce of China.

           Import & Export Trade

          Integrating comprehensive services including the Large-sized complete equipment export and project general contracting, building materials and mineral products import and export as well as resources development, its all kinds of businesses are all over the five continents, ranking Top 500 of China foreign trade companies.
          Large-sized complete equipment export and project general contracting: by using the core technology as support, it has a powerful advantage in terms of international project contracting and complete equipment export of the building material industry and light industry. Production lines of  float glass, new dry-process cement, new wall material, grinding station, pulp and paper making and packaging container forming are exported to developing countries and moderately developed countries in South Asia, ASEAN, Middle East, CIS and Africa, and the project general contracting service is initiated in many countries.
          Building material products export: import and export businesses have the outstanding advantage of combining technology, industry and trade, which cover building materials and products, non-metallic minerals, inorganic non-metallic products including new building material, new housing, cement, glass fiber, composite material, fly ash brick, refractory materials and alike. Export for products including gypsum board and glass fiber has always ranked top ones in China.
          Resource commodities import: it mainly operates import of resource commodities including iron mine, copper concentrate, nickel mine, coal and alike, boasting a stable and extensive client groups and good commercial and social reputation.


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